This page is about all of the weird things that you don't notice in Mulan!!
Take a look around! It's pretty cool!!

Did you ever notice...

In the entire movie of Mulan, unlike any other Disney Classic, Shan Yu, the leader of the evil Hun army never sings a song! Every Disney Animated Classic's Villain has sang at least one song! But not in Mulan!

In the beginning of the movie, you see Mulan cheating on her test by painting on her arm with her left hand. When Mulan becomes the man, she draws and uses her sword with her right hand! Maybe she's ambidextrous!

In the scene when Mulan has been abandoned at the pass after being found a woman, and then the remnants of the Hun army come out of the avalanche, there are two shots from a high angle looking over the pass towards the Imperial City. The first time you see it, the lit street leading out of the city is facing towards the pass; the second time it is facing off to the right. Maybe the background artists took a little too much work to themselves!
This information thanks to Sarah Airriess!

Shang shoots arrows with his left hand but uses his sword with his right hand! Maybe he's ambidextrous too!

That's all that I see so far! If you see anything cool in the movie that's not noticeable, please E-Mail me with it!
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