Here you will find out all there is to know about hidden Mickeys in Mulan! If you want to know what a hidden Mickey is, then click here!

Near the top of the film you will see the Rooster. The Rooster crows, the camera pans down and on the box that the Rooster is standing on there is a clear, classic profile Hidden Mickey.
During the Matchmaker song, the mother and the grandmother seat Mulan on a low platform with a vase on either side of her (happens very quickly). The Hidden Mickey appears as decoration/engraving on the left vase.

The most "obvious" hidden Mickey is when all of the girls are lined up to be inspected. The girl on the far right side of the line had her hair up in perfect Mickey ear circles.

Shang's Horse has 4 hidden mickeys, two on each side. One on each side of the neck and the others on each side of his hind flanks.

In the scene where Mulan is sitting, crying, at the base of the dragon statue, look carefully. As the camera pulls down, from the top of the statue, and the lightning flashes, you'll see a Mickey head silhoutted, between the lightning flashes, on the dragon's face.

When Mulan, and her cross-dressing fellow soldiers enter the palace (to save the emperor), look at the lips of the soldiers. They all have perfectly round bottom lips, and two circles for both sides of the upper lip. Ruby-red lipstick Mickey heads!

As Mulan was taking a bath in the river, there were three lily pads between her and the rock that were arranged in the shape of Mickey.

Towards the end of the movie, as Mulan is being congratulated by the emperor, the railing behind them is supported by a row of Mickey heads.

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